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Global Certification Technical Update

September 2019

September 2019 Updates



Proposed date of adoption: To be determined


The Ministry of Energy released a notification about the technical specifications for the design of efficiency labels for electric ovens. The purpose of the technical specifications is to provide consumers with information when they are selecting this type of appliance. International experiences, and the existing energy efficiency label and the protocols in force in Chile were taken into account when developing the proposal.


Under Article 4(i) of Decree-Law No. 2.224 of 1978, the Ministry of Energy is required to issue a resolution setting out the products, machines, instruments, equipment, appliances, devices and materials, powered by electricity, gas, fuel or any other energy source that must have an approval certificate or energy consumption label in order to be marketed in accordance with Article 3.14 of Law No. 18.140.


Chile – Gas-Fired Domestic Cooking Appliances


Proposed date of adoption: To be determined


The Electricity and Fuel Board revealed the certification procedure for gas-fired domestic cooking appliances from a safety perspective, in accordance with the scope and coverage of European standards UNE-EN 30-1-1:2009+A3:2013, UNE-EN 30-1-2:2012, UNE-EN 30-1-3:2004+A1:2007 and UNE-EN 30-1-4:2013 and Chilean standard NCh927/1 Of 2007.

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