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Global Certification Technical Update

March 2019

March 2019 Updates


Canada CAN/577, Consultation of Interference-Causing Equipment Standard, ICES-003, Issue 6 (Amendment 2)

Effective January 30, 2019

Notification CAN/577 on Interference Causing Equipment Standard ICES-003, Issue 6 (Amendment 2), Information Technology Equipment (Including Digital Apparatus) – Limits and Methods of Measurement. It is being proposed that industry has until December 31, 2019, to ensure that external thermostats sold, offered for sale, manufactured, imported, distributed or leased are compliant with ICES-003.

Canada CAN/576, SMSE-17-18 Release of ICES-005, Issue 5 Lighting Equipment

Effective January 24, 2019

Interference-Causing Equipment Standard ICES-005, issue 5, Lighting Equipment, replaced ICES-005 issue 4, published in December 2015.

A transition period is ending June 1, 2019. After the expiry of this transition period all products subject to this standard that continue to be manufactured, imported, distributed, leased, offered for sale, or sold in Canada shall comply with ICES005 issue 5.

ISED strongly encourages the industry to familiarize itself with the CISPR 15 international standard and participate in the development of a North American standard for lighting equipment based on CISPR 15. ISED will transition this lighting equipment regulatory standard (i.e. ICES-005) to one solely based on CISPR 15 or a North American version of CISPR 15 within a maximum of two years from the publication of this issue of ICES-005.

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