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Global Certification Technical Update

November 2019

November 2019 Updates


Brazil (ANATEL) – Resolution 715, New Regulation for Conformity Assessment and Homologation of Telecommunications Products

Effective October 25, 2019

The Brazil National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) published Resolution 715, the new regulation for Conformity Assessment and Homologation of Telecommunications Products. Devices are still subject to testing and verification of technical standards.


Here are main changes:

  • Product Category List (I, II, III) will no longer exist and ANATEL will release new Technical Requirements per Product Type or Family of products. The technical requirements will define the conformity assessment models applicable to the type or family of telecommunications product, testing applicable, renewal definition, etc. ANATEL is working along with OCDs and LABs in these new technical requirements.
  • Technical rules (such as manual, warnings, labeling, certification mark, certification validity, OCD designation rules, renewals, MRA with foreigners CBs, laboratory acceptance) will be defined in Operational Procedures that ANATEL will release in the next months.
  • Telecom devices used by Brazilian Army and using Military Exclusive Frequencies will not need to be homologated by ANATEL.
  • Conformity Assessment Models – This new resolution includes the possibility of new certification types, such as: Declaration of Conformity, Declaration of Conformity with testing, Type Test Certification, Type Test Certification with periodic Maintenance and Type Test Certification with periodic maintenance and Factory Management System Evaluation. The certification model will be defined by ANATEL in the Technical Requirements and may be different depending the product type.
  • Market surveillance rules – ANATEL may issue an Operational Procedure for market surveillance, where it is intended that the samples will be collected in the market or in the factory unit.
  • In the case of imported telecommunications products intended for commercialization, the identification of the approval (ANATEL logo + ID number) must be made before the product enters in Brazil, except for the cases and situations defined in the Operational Procedure.
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