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Vietnam – MIC/VTNA Restructuring

August 2020

August 2020 Updates


Vietnam - MIC/VTNA Restructuring

Vietnam MIC issued Decision No. 1443/QD-BTTTT dated August 21, 2020, in which refering to Decision No. 1443/QD-BTTTT issued in the same day mentioning that below department of VNTA will be grouped in one:

(1) Measurement Center (Vilas 103)

(2) Verification and Certification Center 1

(3) Verification and Certification Center 2

(4) Verification and Certification Center 3

The new organization shall be named as “Trung tâm Đo lường Chất lượng Viễn thông” – Center for Telecommunications Quality and Measurement

This re-structuring process is supposed to make slight impact on lead time for Type Approval Certification at VNTA Certification Centers. Type Approval Certificate and test report issued by the former organizations shall keep its validity still.

This will have an impact as follows:

  1. They will stop accepting submission at this moment
  2. Acceptance of Manufacturer to hold the license decisions/ procedure  will be delay (they have yet to provide a full process)

The timeline will be around 3-5 weeks estimated from the announced date until the restructuring is clear and stable.

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