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Thailand (NBTC) – QR Code Requirement

November 2019

November 2019 Updates


Thailand (NBTC) – QR Code Requirement

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) regulates the use of spectrum for telecommunication services, and grants licenses to the telecommunication operators.

QR code must be affixed on user manual or packaging prior shipping products to Thailand.

Label could be purchased at NBTC with valid Type Approval Certificate or self-printing by manufacturer but this shall require prior approval by NBTC.

Telecommunication equipment to be sold in Thailand subjected to NTC’s scope are divided into 3 groups:

Certification Type Descriptions Marking
Class A Approval Certification YYYYYY: Registration No. (6 digits)

ZZ: Registration Year (Last 2 digits)

XXXX: Importer Code (4 digits)

Class B Approval Certification AAAAAA: Certification No. (6 digits)

BB: Certification Year (Last 2 digits)

XXXX: Importer Code (4 digits)


SDoC Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC)  

The above sentence means “This telecom device and equipment is conformed to requirement to NTC”

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