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Saudi Arabia (SASO) Implemented Saudi Product Certification Scheme (SALEEM)

April 2019

April 2019 Updates

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia (SASO) Implemented Saudi Product Certification Scheme (SALEEM)

Effective January 1, 2019

SASO implemented Saudi Product Certification Scheme (SALEEM) and launched the SABER platform for online certification. This new program would replace the former SASO CoC program.

Importers must now initiate the certification request online for those Regulated Products that they intend to import by accessing SABER. They can register the Regulated Products and choose one of the SASO Approved Notified Bodies to process their request.

The Regulated Products as of today are as follows:

– Children toys

– Electric and low-voltage equipment

– Electrical appliances and equipment (additional Energy Efficiency requirements too)

– Lubricating Oils

– Detergents

– Paints (Dyes) and varnishes

– Electrical panels self-balancing Boards (Scooter)

– Building materials I: Metals and Alloys for construction and buildings

– Building materials II: Insulating and Cladding Materials for Buildings

– Building materials III: Hydraulic links

– Building materials IV: Bricks, tiles, ceramic sanitary ware

– Degradable Plastic Products

– Gas-powered devices and accessories

– Energy Efficiency

– Water Conservation Devices

– Data registration procedures and the issuance of energy consumption in the card vehicles and tires

– Barriers trucks

– Electrical elevators for buildings and facilities

– Trailers and semitrailers

– Auto parts

– Electric vehicles

– Classification of maintenance centers and repair of vehicles

– Textile products

– Entertainment devices (games…)

– Small solar PV systems

– Personal protective equipment

– Electrical batteries

– Modified vehicles with limited production

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