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Saudi Arabia (CITC) – New Requirements for Mobile Phones

February 2020

February 2020 Updates

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia (CITC) – New Requirements for Mobile Phones

March 18, 2020

The Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) modified the technical specifications RI056 “Specification for UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G) Handsets and Related Equipment”.

Before starting the production of new mobile phones for Saudi market, manufacturers and importers should consider the following requirements.

1) All mobile phones must comply with the final version of CITC technical specification RI056

2) All mobile phones must support at least the following LTE bands B1, B3, B8, B20, B28, B40 and B41

3) 5G mobile phones must support at least the bands N41 and N78

4) All mobile phones must support the functionalities WIFI-Call and VoLTE. The usage of VoLTE and WIFI-Call must be arranged with all Saudi mobile network operators

5) All mobile phones must enable the Cell Broadcast Service (CBS) Alert. CITC requires the submission of the CBS test report

6) All mobile phones must be equipped with the e-label designed as follows:

7) In addition to the CITC approval, mobile phones require the registration via the SABER Platform. The registration takes place under the SABER Technical Regulation for Telecommunications Device. Mobile phones, fixed lines, smart watch and notebooks must be registered in SABER starting from January 15, 2020

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