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Saudi Arabia (CITC) – eSIM Requirement

March 2020

March 2020 Updates

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia (CITC) – eSIM Requirement

March 18, 2020

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) announced the new requirements for mobile phone, tablet, or any device that works on the cellular networks and supports eSIM functionality. It is mandatory to print the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number outside the device.

The requirements are:

    • All IMEI numbers for eSIM and physical SIM must be printed
    • The IMEI printing shall be clear and non-removable
    • The IMEI numbers can be printed on the SIM Tray, the non-removable back cover, or any other reachable position
    • A sample of the device shall be delivered to CITC attached to a letter directed to CITC



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