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Philippines – DTI-BPS Adopts New International Standard on Circuit Breakers

March 2020

March 2020 Updates


Philippines - DTI-BPS Adopts New International Standard on Circuit Breakers

Effective March 4, 2020

The Department of Trade and Industry’s Bureau of Philippine Standards (DTI-BPS) adopts the international standard of the International Electro Technical Commission (IEC), IEC 60947-:2020 Low-voltage switchgear and control gear – Part 2: Circuit breakers, as Philippine National Standard, PNS IEC 60947-2:2020 through the recommendation of the Technical Committee on Electrical Wiring Devices (BPS/TC10). This standard cancels and replaces PNS IEC 60947-2:2015.

PNS IEC 60947-2:2020 specifies the characteristics of circuit-breakers, the conditions with which circuit-breakers shall comply with reference to: 1) operation and behavior in normal service; 2)  operation  and  behavior  in  case  of  overload  and  operation  and  behavior  in  case  of  short-circuit, including co-ordination in service (selectivity and back-up protection); 3)  dielectric properties,  the  tests  intended for confirming that these  conditions  have  been  met  and  the  methods  to  be  adopted for these tests, and the information to be marked on or given with the product.

The standard applies to  circuit-breakers,   intended  to  be  installed  and  operated  by  instructed  or  skilled  persons with the  main  contacts  intended  to  be  connected to circuits and the rated voltage not to exceed 1 000   V a.c. or 1   500 V d.c.. Circuit breakers rated  above  1 000 V a.c.  but  not  exceeding  1 500 V a.c may  also  be  tested  to this standard. It also contains additional requirements for integrally fused circuit-breakers. The standard is applicable to circuit-breakers whatever the rated   currents,   the   method   of   construction   or   the   proposed   application.

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