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Mexico (SE) – Temporary Measures for Importing Products Due to COVID-19 Impact

April 2020

April 2020 Updates


Mexico (SE) - Temporary Measures for Importing Products Due to COVID-19 Impact

Effective March 20, 2020

The Mexican Secretariat of Economy (SE) published document 414.2020.827 relating to the importation of goods subject to compliance with Official Mexican Standards (NOMs).

The ongoing national situation caused by COVID-19 and with the purpose of guaranteeing the continuity of foreign trade procedures, starting March 27th (and until further announcements are made), the SE will allow the importation of products without the Mexican Certificate of Conformity (CoC) needing to be presented at Customs.

Instead of this, the application number provided by the Certification Body (CB) to demonstrate applications are in process will be enough to allow the importation of such products. Mexican CB will be required to provide any application numbers to Mexico’s Customs System for validation, and to facilitate this process. It is important to mention that CB will provide the application numbers, as long as all the complete information have been provided and submitted to the OCP, so that the service reference can be provided.

While CoC will not be required at Customs for the first import consignment, the CoC must be presented for any subsequent consignments. Therefore, providing the application number only will be possible for the first import consignment of any goods entering the country from March 27th.

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