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Mexico (IFETEL) – All Devices with Cellular Bands Must Be Tested

February 2020

February 2020 Updates


Mexico (IFETEL) - All Devices with Cellular Bands Must Be Tested

Effective February 10, 2020 

The Federal Telecommunications Institute has announced that all devices with cellular bands must be tested. All devices operate in any of the cellular frequencies (700MHz, 800MHz, 1900MHz, 1700MHz/2100MHz and/or 2500MHz), must go through local testing and obtain a PEC certificate for IFETEL definitive homologation.

In addition to the samples provided for cellular testing, manufacturers need to provide the IMEI lists. The user manual must include instructions on how to find the IMEI number on the device. IFETEL records a database of all IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers linked to a specific model of mobile phone or tablet with cellular capability as a registry to track all IMEI numbers used in Mexico. If the phone allows for FM radio usage, the manufacturer must unlock this function so end users can have free access to the FM sound broadcasting service.

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