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Korea (RRA) – Simplify Procedure Of Some Products

April 2021

April 2021 Updates


Korea (RRA) - Simplify Procedure Of Some Products

The RRA notification will be revised to simplify procedures of some products below. Now, the RRA is collecting public opinions regarding this change until June 13, 2021.

  1. Large size and fixed products
  • Large size products are longer than 4m and higher than 3m including complex multimedia product longer than 2m and heavier than 250kg
  • ISM products use high frequency such as electric and electrical appliances/UPS/multimedia products
  • Customized products

Components installed in approved large products do not need additional tests for each component approval. However this does        not apply to a large product tested on-site.

In case approved large products replace a certain part with an approved component which has the same function, this change          does not need tests.

2) Wireless device used for aircraft

  • A wireless device approved by a manufacturer’s government applying international standards, can use these test reports for KC certification.

3) Electrical welding machine

  • Electrical welding machine which has a rating input more than 10kVA is exempted

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