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Jordan (TRC) – Amended Type Approval Conditions and Procedures

March 2020

March 2020 Updates


Jordan (TRC) – Amended Type Approval Conditions and Procedures

Effective February 1, 2020

Jordan Telecommunications Regulation Commission (TRC) issued its “Amended Instructions of the Conditions and Procedures for Obtaining Type Approval of Telecommunication Equipment and Regulating their Entry into the Kingdom”.

The key changes of the type approval process are:

  • Certificate validity is now 3 years
  • Labels are now required. E-Labels are allowed
      1. Name and address of the manufacturer
      2. Brand/Model/Type and Commercial Name
      3. The IMEI number for devices are provided with Cellular Modules
  • Updated Type Approval Application Form

The updated list of exempted devices are:

  • Printer (with and without RF function)
  • Laptops, tablets, PC’s (with or without RF function)
  • Televisions and monitors (with or without RF function)
  • Remote controls with infrared
  • All devices with only Bluetooth Technology
  • GPS navigation (without SIM card)
  • Switches, firewalls & servers
  • Wired or wireless cameras

All products with GSM/UMTS/LTE are not exempt.

Jordan TRC now allows voluntary type approval for the devices that are exempt from type approval.

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