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Israel (MOC) – New Amendment to Wireless Telegraph Order

September 2019

September 2019 Updates


Israel (MOC) – New Amendment to Wireless Telegraph Order

Effective January 1, 2019


The signing Wireless Telegraph Order amendment will reduce barriers and significantly ease the import of dozens of electronics when it comes to personal or family imports, for self-use and solely if the import is limited to a maximum of five devices.


The electronics products that come into effect under the order are:

  • Computer Peripherals (ouse, keyboard or speaker)
  • Computer Screen, Document Scanner Printer, Photocopier
  • Home or Office Video Projector
  • Streaming Video (Streamer), Gaming Console
  • E-book Reader
  • Tablet, Hand Held Computer, Laptop
  • Desktop Computer, TV Receiver Set-top Box Converter for Receiving Television Receivers
  • Radio Receiver, Cell Phone Replacement Parts, Car Hands-free, Camera (except security camera), Vacuum Cleaner, Wireless Electric Charger, Home Audio System, Audio Amplifier for Home Use


Not included in the order:

  • Skaters and Smart Home Products
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