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Indonesia (SDPPI) – Short Range Device (SRD) Technical Standard

September 2019

September 2019 Updates


Indonesia (SDPPI) – Short Range Device (SRD) Technical Standard

Effective July 30, 2019


The Indonesia Radio & Telecommunication Approval (SDPPI) published Regulation No. 161 Year 2019 on Technical Standards for Short Range Devices Equipment. This regulation is to replace Regulation No. 35 Year 2015.


Here are key changes:


  • Bluetooth is now included in the Short Range Device requirements
  • Before low power standards considered all range below 10mW, now the specified frequencies are considered under low power if their power is below 10mW
  • New requirements on Safety, EMC and SAR
  • The new Technical Standards include NFC (13.553 – 13.567 MHZ < 100mW ERP or < 94 dBuV/m) and WPAN (2.4 – 2.483 MHz < 100mW EPR)
  • RFID below has been added to the new Technical Standards

7.4 – 8.8GHz based on < 9dBuA/m

920-923MHz < 400mW EIRP

920-923MHz > 400mW and < 2W will be only use for Payment Gantry for Road

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