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Indonesia (SDPPI) – Customer Service / Front Desk Closure

March 2020

March 2020 Updates


Indonesia (SDPPI) - Customer Service / Front Desk Closure

Effective March 17, 2020

In response to the letters from Secretary General of Communication and Informatics Ministry Number 04 of 2020 that concerns about Covid-19 Preventive Actions, the Indonesia Radio & Telecommunication Approval (SDPPI) headquarter has issued its official announcement to temporarily close customer service / front desk. This means that direct consultation by going to SDPPI office will not be accepted.

As a result of above policies, especially on the closing of SDPPI customer service and front desk, it affects the issuance of hard copy certificate.

For any applications that the hard copy certificates are still not issued, they need to wait until customer service is opened again to get the certificates. So far, there is no specific time limit for this policy, which means that it will be adjusted based on current national situation.

However, even if hard copies are not yet issued, soft copy of the certificates are now available. It should be satisfactory as the soft copy already has valid certificate number and QR code.

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