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India (TEC) – Security Requirement for Telecom Products

October 2020

October 2020 Updates


India (TEC) - Security Requirement for Telecom Products

Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has published “Communication Security Certification Scheme“. They have also published “Procedure For Security Certification Of Telecommunication Equipment”.


All testing to be done at TEC approved CAB called as Telecom Security Testing Laboratory (TSTL)

Presently, the security requirement for the following products have been finalized and released:

    1. IP Router
    2. Mobility Management Entity (MME)
    3. Cryptographic Controls
    4. Wi-Fi CPEs

The security requirement for the following products are under consideration and has been published for comments:

    1. Mobile Device
    2. Pluggable (U)ICC
    3. E-Node B
    4. P-Gateway
  • Whenever a patch/ bug fix/update is released by OEM, it may be permitted to be deployed with a temporary certificate
  • OEM will submit the changed signature along with all the internal test reports demonstrating to compliance to all security requirements of applicable ITSAR along with an undertaking
  • The modified signature of the said model will be incorporated in a temporary certificate with a validity period of upto one year from the date of release or for balance period of initial certificate whichever is earlier.
  • Temporary certificate will be issued within 7 working days of Application normally
  • In the event of Software patch/ bug fix/update affecting any Security Functionality, recertification will be necessary
  • Modifications that can be differentiated as incremental change shall be permitted to undergo incremental testing

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