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Congo Democratic Republic (ARPTC) – New Validity Periods

November 2019

November 2019 Updates


Congo Democratic Republic (ARPTC) – New Validity Periods

The Regulatory Authority of the Post and Telecommunications (ARPTC) regulated telecommunication services and networks, broadcasting services, postal services and the use and allocation of radio spectrum in Congo. The ARPTC recently announced new validity periods for approvals. Previously the validity was set at 10 years. As of the new regulation, validity is based on the nature of the device and the technologies used in the product.

  • Certificates for radio modules have a validity of 2 years regardless of the technologies used
  • Certificates for equipment such as computers, printers, tablets, etc. will be issued for 3 years

Certificates for equipment that connects to a public network will be issued for 5 years

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