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China – Notice Regarding Radio Management Of 2400MHz, 5100MHz and 5800MHz Bands

April 2021

April 2021 Updates


China - Notice Regarding Radio Management Of 2400MHz, 5100MHz and 5800MHz Bands

The update issued by the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

附件为工信部官网发布的关于《关于2400MHz、5100MHz和5800MHz频段无线电管理有关事宜的通知 (征求意见稿)》通知,简要如下:

  • Starting from January 1, 2022, the type approval of radio transmission equipment must be applied for in accordance with the new regulations. The new regulation will replace the regulations of 信部无[2002]353, 信部无[2002]277, 信部无[2003]225, 信部无[2012]620.
  • 自2022年1 月1日起,须按照新规定要求申请无线电发射设备型号核准。
  • The regulations of 信部无[2002]353, 信部无[2002]277, 信部无[2003]225, 信部无[2012]620 would be implemented to Dec 31st 2021. The product with SRRC approval under regulations 信部无[2002]353, 信部无[2002]277, 信部无[2003]225, 信部无[2012]620 can be produced and imported on China market until the certificate expired date.
  • 至2021 年12 月31 日之前,可继续申请符合原规定但不符合本规定所列技术要求的无线电发射设备的型号核准,核准证有效期届满后不得生产或者进口,已投入使用的可以用到报废为止
  • The wireless LAN device with IP address allocation function should support the IPv6 protocol and enable the IPv6 address allocation function by default.
  • 具有IP 地址分配功能的无线局域网设备应支持IPv6 协议,并默认开启IPv6 地址分配功能。
  • The radio transmitting equipment of the broadband wireless access (including wireless LAN) system working in the 5250-5350MHz frequency band shall adopt the transmission power control (TPC) and dynamic frequency selection (DFS) interference suppression technology, and the function option of turning off DFS cannot be set.
  • 工作于5250-5350MHz 频段的宽带无线接入(含无线局域网)系统的无线电发射设备应采用发射功率控制(TPC)及动态频率选择(DFS)干扰抑制技术,并且不可设置关闭DFS 的功能选项。

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