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Brazil (ANATEL) – New Regulation on Conformity Assessment of Telecom Products

April 2020

April 2020 Updates


Brazil (ANATEL) - New Regulation on Conformity Assessment of Telecom Products

Effective April 21, 2020

Resolution N° 715 was published in the Official Garette (DOU) on October 25, 2019. This regulation comes into force within 180 days from the date of its publication (on April 21, 2020).

This Resolution revokes Resolution 242 on the Regulation for Certification and Approval of Telecommunication Products and Resolution No. 323 on the Telecommunication Product Certification Standards.

According to this Regulations, the conformity assessment procedure will be carried out through the following models:

I – Declaration of Conformity

II – Declaration of Conformity with Test Report

III –  Certification based on Type Testing

IV – Certification based on Type Testing and Periodic Product Evaluations

V – Certification based on Type Testing, Periodic Product Evaluations and Evaluation of the Factory Management System

VI – Labeling or

VII – Another, established in its own Operational Procedure.

Note that Operational Procedure is a complementary rule issued by the competent Superintendence, which provides rules applicable to conformity assessment.

The above-mentioned models are applicable to each telecommunications product type or family that is set out in its respective Technical Requirement. When choosing the model, an applicant should consider whether the product is complex or not and determine the potential risk of its use for the consumer.

Apart from the conformity assessment procedure, the Regulation also contains homologation procedure and Market Supervision Program provisions.

The Homologation Certificate issued by Anatel is necessary if those who want to use the telecommunications product and to put it into the Brazil market.

The Market Supervision Program was worked out to check whether the products approved by Anatel stay in compliance with the Technical Requirements.

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