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Brazil (ANATEL) – New Acts On ANATEL Homologation Process

August 2020

August 2020 Updates


Brazil (ANATEL) - New Acts On ANATEL Homologation Process

ANATEL issued several new Acts (Act 4077, 4082, 4083, 4084, 4088, 4091 and others) which will revoke previous rules (Acts, IGs) and provide deeper clarifications concerning:

  • Procedure to be followed when a device that is already approved by ANATEL undergoes modifications
  • Rights and obligations from the interested parties in the ANATEL approval process
  • Operational procedure for certifying telecommunication devices in Brazil
  • Operational procedure for homologating Certificates of Conformity issued by OCDs
  • Orientations to be observed when applying the ANATEL label and/or ID
  • Procedure to choose a lab to run local testing

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