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Argentina (ENACOM) – Revised Local Representative Requirements

January 2020

January 2020 Updates


Argentina (ENACOM) – Revised Local Representative Requirements

March 19, 2020

ENACOM Resolution No. 5424/2019 has been published and redefined local representative requirements. Under the new resolution, the role of an authorized local manufacturer has been introduced.  Third parties such as local agents are allowed to act as official local representatives or certificate holders, and authorize other local companies such as importers to leverage their ENACOM certificates.

The role of authorized importers remains unchanged, allowing local importers to rely on a unique approval done on behalf of a local representative company. The requirements for a company to become a local representative of a foreign manufacturer have been revised and required an affidavit specifying its relationship with the brands to be represented, instead of a Social Contract detailing the relationship.

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