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Algeria (ARPCE) – Regulation Type Approval Update

November 2019

November 2019 Updates


Algeria (ARPCE) – Regulation Type Approval Update

Effective October 19, 2019


Algeria Regulatory Authority of the Post and Electronic Communications (ARPCE) released the latest regulatory update on the following subjects:


  • The validity of all certificates is 3 years from now on
  • “Certificate of Origin” is a mandatory document for type approval application
  • All type approved equipment must be labeling with “Homologué par l’ARPCE XXXXXX” include the certificate number


The ARPCE released the new procedure for type approval under “Decision N°28/SP/PC/ARPECE/2019 du 16/10/2019”.

  • Submitted test reports should not be older than 3 years / same applies to declarations from manufacturers as well
  • SAR tests are mandatory
  • The deadline of the evaluation for any application will not exceed two months

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