Getting your products to markets around the world is important to your business bottom line. However, product regulations and compliance requirements differ from country to country and the pace at which they change in response to social, economic, and political influences can be a major challenge.

Your global target markets put their trust into the product approval processes and recognized marks that exist within their own borders. Without established local relationships with regulators, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), and National Certification Bodies (NCBs) – as well as extensive knowledge of that specific country – the speed at which your products reach your target markets can be greatly reduced.

Your focus should be on efficient production of quality products instead of navigating the often complex regulatory requirements of multiple countries. That is where a CSA Group Global Market Access (GMA) expert can provide valuable assistance – becoming your connection to product approvals around the world.

Bringing Global Knowledge to your Global Business

CSA Group understands the challenges associated with reaching global target markets and we have spent decades helping our customers address these challenges. We are recognized globally as a leader in North American safety certifications as well as the leading issuer of hazardous locations (HazLoc) certificates including ATEX and IECEx.  Our state-of-the-art electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratories are located around the world and accredited internationally, and we can provide access through our network to over 175 countries and regions for many wireless technologies. We have worked with companies around the world to help them comply with necessary requirements to access some of the most popular markets outside of North America and assisted multiple companies in obtaining CB reports and certificates. Our work speaks for itself.

Using the services of an experienced testing & certification body with up-to-date global regulatory knowledge should be part of your global market access plan. Our GMA team starts by providing manufacturers with a comprehensive overview of the regulatory landscape in your target market(s), and continues with:

  • Helping to identify additional opportunities to access larger markets
  • Aiding in the seamless integration of requirements throughout the product development lifecycle
  • Developing and implementing a sound testing strategy
  • Engaging in ongoing compliance activities to help ensure that your compliance files are current and valid

How does CSA Group deliver this service? Simple, through exceptional customer service and attention to detail including:

  • Focus – we ensure that we understand the compliance requirements for your products in over 40 of the most popular target markets outside of North America
  • One-stop service – we offer a robust range of GMA services saving you valuable time
  • Service on the ground – 8 offices with GMA expertise including 2 in North America, 2 in Europe, and 4 in Asia, as well as laboratories and affiliates in over 30 countries
  • Key Account Management – an assigned project specialist will be your single point of contact
  • Technical expertise – experienced GMA experts who can efficiently navigate the regulatory landscape
  • Perspective – as an accredited standards development organization (SDO) with a century of national and international standards development experience, we can offer the added advantage of anticipating potential updates to requirements
  • Speaking the language – multilingual service capacity including Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, French, and German to name a few
  • Transparency – tools and processes in place that allow you to view progress from start to finish
  • Dedication beyond the initial approval – annual inspection coordination available with CSA Group’s global inspection network

Certification for global markets starts with determining applicable regulations, moves into managing the steps of compliance to those regulations, and concludes with your compliant product being ready for your global target market. Non-compliant products can expose you to potential legal consequences, excessive expense, and loss of time.

We are dedicated to researching and understanding the most current international regulations and standards for specific products and markets, helping to ensure that your target markets know that your products have gone through the approval processes required in their countries.

Our customers around the world look to us for reliable, high-performance measurement products. CSA Group’s testing and certification services help us deliver on our promise to customers. What we value most about CSA Group is their flexibility and responsiveness. By understanding and responding to our needs, they help us get our products to customers around the world in timely fashion.”
J. Lenker, Fluke Corp.

“It’s been very pleasant, and I look forward to working with you again in the future!”
R. Coale, TopWorx Inc.

“I want to thank you for your support. Perfect service!!! It is highly appreciated!”
S. Schaller, VEGA Grieshaber KG

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