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WIRES - Processed Wire - Certified to US Standards


Products listed in this category are on Label Service unless specific
approval has been issued under the CSA Label Licensing Service..


CSA certified wire which has been cut into shorter lengths and re-spooled by
a party other than the original wire manufacturer.

This category includes wire which is re-coloured or striped and wire cut into
lengths from which insulation may be stripped from one or both ends.


CSA Notice Wire and Cable No. 220 Revised Certification Program for Processed


All marking required by CSA must be permanent, legible, and located where
readily accessible for review after manufacture of the wire, except as permitted
otherwise. The contents consist of:

On the wire:

  • all the applicable markings required for the Certified wire.

Each bundle, carton, coil or spool of processed wire shall be marked with a
tag bearing:

  • the wire processor’s company name, tradename or CSA file
  • all applicable marking required for the Certified wire(i.e.,
    temperature rating, voltage marking, number of conductors and
    wire size, etc.);
  • the actual length of wire or cable; and
  • the purchased CSA label ?PROCESSED WIRE? and the ?CSAus?
    indicator. See below.

Label Service: Material No: 1002091

Colour: Top ? White on Blue
Bottom ? Black on White
Size: 1 3/4" x 5/8"

CSAus indicator:
Material No. 1002188

CSA Labels are available only from CSA Group and may not be obtained
elsewhere, but are applied at the factory.