CSA Group Acquires Business from CTS Taiwan Demonstrating Ongoing Commitment to Local Service

Date: janvier 28, 2015
Emplacement: Global

CSA Group, a leading global provider of standards development, testing, and certification services, expands its market presences in Taiwan by acquiring the business of CTS Taiwan, a leading local testing and inspection organization. Through the acquisition, CSA Group will bring Taiwan manufacturers stronger industry insights and more local expertise in the field of ITE/AV, Hazardous Location, Plumbing, Appliances & Gas, Lighting, Wiring Device and Wiring Cable testing and certification services.

CTS Taiwan has a 23-year partnership with CSA Group beginning in 1993. On behalf of CSA Group, CTS Taiwan has provided a broad spectrum of services to local manufacturers for nearly two decades including: CSA C/US, IEC-CB Certification, and QMI-SAI ISO 9001 Registration service.

Hundreds of local Taiwan factories, particularly in the central and south of Taiwan will benefit from this acquisition with better access to the top-ranking testing facilities in CSA Group Taiwan labs, stronger customer support from CSA Group’s local and global network of expertise and broader one-stop portfolio offerings.

“CSA Group is committed to delivering best-in-class testing and certification solutions that help our customers, and the next generation of manufacturers to ensure their products meet global standards,” said Claudia Chan, CSA Group vice president of North and Southeast Asia. “Combining CSA Group with the considerable expertise of CTS Taiwan will provide our customers with the local services they need and is part of CSA Group’s commitment to investing in Taiwan. The acquisition is expected to result in greater efficiencies and significantly increase our market share strengthening CSA Group’s local presence in Taiwan.”

Curtis Lin, owner of CTS Taiwan said, “We are honoured to be part of CSA Group and excited for the new opportunities that lie ahead for us to further contribute our expertise and services. With our new office in Taichung, clients in central and southern Taiwan will have access to more testing and certification services helping them to reach global markets faster. ”

CSA Group has established solid customer relations with Taiwan local enterprises since its first lab opened in Xinzhuang, New Taipei City in 2012. Fully equipped with advanced facilities and highly qualified engineers, the CSA Group Taiwan lab serves customers covering industries including ICT, Tools, Motor, Wiring and Lighting. This new acquisition demonstrates CSA Group’s commitment to bringing superior services and local expertise to customers in Taiwan.


À propos du Groupe CSA

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