LG Electronics Gas Double Oven Range World’s First to Meet New Sustainability Standard

LG Electronics’ high-performance double-oven range is the first in the world to meet the requirements of the industry’s new Sustainability Standard for Household Cooking Appliances, which was developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), CSA Group and UL Environment.

LG Model LDG3036ST is the first gas range to achieve the demanding scores required to meet the new Sustainability Standard for Household Cooking Appliances (AHAM 7004-2015/CSA SPE-7004-15/UL 7004-15), according to CSA Group, which verified and issued the standard-compliance certificate following extensive testing and data analysis. LG also received a certificate from CSA Group for its flagship double-oven electric range, model LDE3037ST, demonstrating compliance to the 2015 cooking sustainability standard.

The lifecycle approach of the cooking sustainability standard addresses a product’s environmental impacts in five key areas: materials, manufacturing and operations, energy consumption during use, innovation and end-of-life management. The new certificate builds on a series of similar product sustainability standards for use by consumers, retailers, governments, non-governmental organizations and others to identify products designed with the environment in mind.

« Environmental sustainability has become as important to our customers as it has been to our company for a long time, » said T.J. Lee, Senior Vice President and head of Home Appliances for LG Electronics USA. « LG is proud to be first in the industry with a gas range to be verified to the new sustainability standard. Together with CSA Group, LG is leading the way in addressing various aspects of the product’s lifecycle. »

In addition to bearing the recognized CSA Group certification mark for compliance, the LG gas range will also include the CSA Group sustainability mark that indicates to retailers, regulators and consumers that a product has met the environmental performance requirements for product specific sustainability as set forth in the Sustainability Standard for Household Cooking Appliances.

Leading Industry Sustainability Efforts

« As the first manufacturer to have a gas range verified to this new sustainability standard by CSA Group, LG is demonstrating to consumers that this product meets the requirements of the standard throughout its lifecycle and that it goes well beyond simply meeting the traditional energy performance benchmarks, » said Ash Sahi, President and CEO, CSA Group. « CSA Group is committed to developing standards and testing and certification programs for sustainability that help manufacturers support their environmental claims. »

Together, AHAM, CSA Group and UL Environment worked closely and sought input from other stakeholders to develop the sustainability standard for cooking appliances, which was officially published today.

Announcing the publication of the new sustainability standard, AHAM President Joseph M. McGuire said, « The household cooking standard continues our commitment to provide consumers and retailers with credible measures for comparing home appliance sustainability attributes. »

Combining Sustainability, Performance and Convenience

A key feature of the certified double-oven ranges is LG EasyClean™, which works in three simple steps: spray the oven interior with water, press the EasyClean button and in just 20 minutes, wipe away residual bits of grime. No chemicals or high heat are needed to help keep the oven sparkling clean.

LG’s flagship double oven ranges also offer superior cooking technology that saves time and hassle for today’s busy home chef. LG’s Infrared Grill eliminates the need for preheating, cutting more than 20 percent from total cooking time. Cooking results with Infrared Grill also tend to be juicier than traditional thermal cooking, as it uses the same technology found in premium outdoor grills. In addition, LG’s True Convection and EvenJet™ Convection help achieve more precise cooking with faster heating and more even heat distribution.

The ranges offer large capacity ovens at a total of 6.1-cubic-feet, so consumers won’t need to worry about presenting dinner dishes in stages. The double ovens allow for the cooking of two separate dishes, at different temperatures, at the same time. The upper 6-inch-tall oven offers added flexibility to cook select items rather than having to preheat the larger oven.

For more information on LG appliances designed with sustainability in mind, please visit http://www.lg.com/us/appliances.

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