There has been rapid growth in medical devices that incorporate radio frequency technologies due to the expansion of this technology.

With the increasing use of RF wireless medical devices, continuous innovation and advancements in wireless technology, and an increasingly crowded RF environment, RF wireless technology considerations should be taken into account to help provide for the safe and effective use of these medical devices.

Get your electromedical device with wireless applications into global markets quickly while complying with the latest regulatory requirements.

You will learn more about

  • Considerations for your electromedical devices
  • Global Regulations for electromedical devices with wireless applications
  • How CSA Group can help you access global markets
  •  How to stay up-to-date with new regulations

Speaker: Julia Gresser, Team Lead Global Market Access

Bio: Julia Gresser leads CSA Group’s GMA team based in Germany. She started working at CSA in 2016 after graduating from University. Since then, Julia is working with customers who want to sell their product in new markets.

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November 26, 2020