Stay on top of the latest wiring standard update of C22.2 No.49, 127, 120

Save the date for the first Wire & Cable seminar in Tokyo and learn about general wire standards C22.2 No. 49, 127 and 210


In light of our Centennial Anniversary, you are cordially invited to join us for a special half-day session to introduce our testing and certification services, followed by a discussion of general wire standards and trends.

The first part of the session will be offered by a local Certifier in Japanese, while the latter on the Standards C22.2 No. 49, 127 and 210 will be conducted in English by our Technical Oversight Specialist for Wire & Cable, Evangeline Cometa, specially visiting from Toronto for this seminar. Explanation in Japanese will also be provided for this portion.

Tokyo, Japan

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Event Details

November 27, 2019