To remain relevant in the long term, businesses need to look beyond one single national market. The huge North American market in particular is of great importance for growing companies – but it can also be hard to crack.

In our introductory seminar, you will learn concisely, from examples and practical exercises, how to prepare electrical and electronic product certifications for your entrance into the North American market. You will learn about the relevant data bases and tools to monitor your competitors and to evaluate the market, about the services which will support your market entrance, about certification programs in North America and why a CB report is the passport for the international world of certification.

You will find a platform for networking and to exchange insights, as well as certification experts at hand, who will answer all of your questions.

The Seminar will be held in English language.

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Target group:
Executives and employees of development, quality management, product management, sales, as well as importers and exporters.


  • Regulatory requirements for electrical systems and components in North America
    • The Code of Federal Regulations
    • States, provinces and public safety
    • The Canadian Electrical Code
    • Which products have to be certified?
  • Terms and abbreviations
    • Basics of certification for Canada and the USA
    • Certification options and programs
    • Databases and tools
  • From Europe into the world – EU, USA, Canada and other countries
    • The appropriate certification strategy
  • The North American certification process
    • Customs tariff numbers
    • What kind of information does the service provider need to calculate an offer?
    • How do I avoid nonconformity at an early stage?
    • News from the world of standards
  • Practical examples

Learning objectives

After this seminar you will have the necessary knowledge to

  • Develop a global certification strategy.
  • Avoid the most common mistakes during the certification process.
  • Effectively prepare certifications and reduce certification time.
  • Understand the regulatory background for the export of E&E products to North America.
  • Be well prepared for new standards.


Date: September 21, 2016, 11:00-17:00
Location: Arnhem, Netherlands
Seminar fee: starting from 149.00 €
Registration deadline: September 9, 2016
Language: English

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Kay Funk:

Kay Funk possesses extensive knowledge in the area of testing and certification. His focus lies on product approvals for the North American market. His main responsibilities are managing clients and navigating Quality Managers, Developers and Managing Directors through the process of product certification. With his expertise and many years of experience, he supports them during the planning and implementation of new products for the North American marketplace. Kay has held presentations and seminars on testing and certification services for more than 10 years.

Miscellaneous & contact

The seminar fee includes a seminar booklet and a certificate of attendance as well as soft drinks and snacks in the breaks. For further information, please contact [email protected] or +49 (0) 69-509 571 500.

Event Details

September 21, 2016