The 2017 Fuel Cell Seminar will be a milestone event for the fuel cell and hydrogen community to show the collective strength, celebrate progress, expand markets, and discover new opportunities. Zero emissions vehicles including cars, SUVs, military trucks, buses, ships, trains and more are on the road, in production or under consideration.  Energy storage, micro grids, efficiency, renewable energy and security are all part of the tapestry of today’s industry and will be on full display in November. With exciting research, progress, and growing commercial deployment and success around the world, the Fuel Cell Seminar is creating an informative, dynamic, and “electrifying” conference that truly showcases the range of innovative perspectives, cutting-edge R&D, and real world experience.  The 2017 Fuel Cell Seminar will bring attention to the fuel cell and hydrogen industry’s vast reach into different market sectors today and the tremendous potential of what’s to come.

Register: http://www.fuelcellseminar.com/registration/

Event Details

November 7 - November 9, 2017

Long Beach, United States