Environmental performance you can see

At CSA Group, we’re leveraging our considerable experience in environmental and sustainability solutions to become an official Program Operator for developing Product Category Rules (PCRs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

EPDs showcase the environmental sustainability of your products to everyone in your supply chain. They are public statements of your product’s environmental impact, created through the application of appropriate PCRs.

PCRs mandate the requirements for Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), which evaluate the environmental impacts of a product at all points along the supply chain. Based on international guidelines, PCRs are developed through an open and transparent collaboration between industry professionals, life-cycle experts and public stakeholders. They enable you to create Type III EPDs that disclose your product’s impact, including carbon footprint and energy usage.

EPDs give recognition to environmentally-responsible manufacturers and suppliers, and provide valuable information so customers can make informed decisions. And that’s something that benefits both you and your customers.

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CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Program

If becoming carbon neutral is a key strategic goal for your organization, the CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Program can help you promote your success to your key stakeholders.

Our program lists qualified organizations, commercial buildings and building tenants in our Program Registry.  It also grants the use of our CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Label to help promote your achievement to your internal and external audiences in a variety of ways.

To qualify, your organization must show that you have measured and verified your carbon footprint, and have offset all reported GHG emissions in accordance with established international standards.

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GHG CleanStart®

If you’re ready to take the first step to becoming carbon neutral, our CleanStart® program is a great place to start. CleanStart® allows you to publicly report on your carbon footprint, GHG inventories, and carbon reduction activities.

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GHG CleanProjects®

CleanProjects® helps you showcase quantifiable and verifiable GHG emission reduction and/or removal projects.

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