Sira issues world’s first IECEx Competence Certificate

IECEx certification body, Sira Certification Service, has issued the world’s first IECEx competence certificate under the IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence scheme (CoPC).

CoPC provides global Ex industries with a single system for the assessment and qualification of persons meeting the competence prerequisites needed to properly implement the safety requirements when working in potentially explosive atmospheres. More information can be found here.

The certificate is published on the IECEx website here. Sira was recognised as an approved IECEx Competence Certification Body in July 2010.

Mike Shearman, Managing Director of Sira, commented:

Sira has always been at the forefront of hazardous area certification & safety legislation and has been providing training for over 30 years. As the IECEx System draws countries closer, we have recognised the need for a global scheme to assess an individual’s competence when working in ‘hazardous areas’.

“Having issued the world’s first IECEx Service Facilities (repair) scheme certificate in 2008, and being the leading issuer of IECEx Product conformity certificates, the extension of CoPC to Sira’s scope, and the issue of the world’s first competence certificate, firmly places Sira as a global leader in the field of safety compliance.”

Sira, part of CSA International, provides compliance services for manufacturers, integrators and end-users around the globe, and welcomes organisations to apply for this pioneering scheme.

More information on the scheme can be found here. To apply for the scheme please click here.

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Scheme info: http://www.siraenvironmental.com/personnelcompetence.aspx

Published On

September 21, 2010