Sira Certification Service Limited change name to CSA Group Testing UK Limited

Sira Certification Service Limited change name to CSA Group Testing UK Limited

As an outcome of continuous improvement opportunities and in order to simplify our organisational structure, on 1st April 2021 Sira Certification Service Limited changed its entity name to CSA Group Testing UK Limited.  As a result, our accreditation will be amended to reflect the name change.

The change means that all new certifications that would have been previously issued by Sira Certification Service will now be issued by CSA Group Testing UK Limited. For our customers, this means no change in terms of quality and service level, test location or CSA Group contact person(s).

No immediate action is required from our customers. For any previously issued Sira certificates, CSA Group has outlined a staged plan to re-issue certifications as follows:

For Sira IECEx Certificates of Conformity, ExTR’s, QARs, IECEx CoPC and mark licenses: All Sira certificates, reports and licenses will be moved under the new ExCB (CSA Group Testing UK Limited  – with a new “CSAE” identifier) and will become live on www.iecex.com. All valid Sira certificates, reports and licenses will remain valid, and future updates will retain the Sira (SIR) certificate number format. All new IECEx certificates, reports and licenses will incorporate a new CSAE number format (example CoC, IECEx CSAE 21.0050U).

For Sira Functional Safety Certificates (product or management system), MCERTS certification product, surveillance and personnel competence) or ISO Management System certification: When the certificate reaches its expiry date (if applicable) and/or the certificate holder applies for a variation, a new certificate will be issued by CSA Group Testing UK Limited (subject to any necessary re-contracting and completion of any re-certification project, if applicable). The same will apply to MCERTS ID cards. The Sira certificate number will remain the same. Customers using the Sira mark may continue to do so, adhering to the regulations seen via the link provided below.

Customers for the above certificates who require a certificate re-issued under CSA Group Testing UK Limited immediately are requested to contact CSA Group and discuss the options to open a project.

For UKCA certificates: All UKCA certificates will be issued under CSA Group Testing UK Limited from 1st April 2021 onwards.

For Sira ISO 17065 Hazardous Locations certificates:  Customers are advised to contact CSA group to advise on any requirements to update their certificates to the new entity name.

ATEX certificates issued by CSA Group Netherlands B.V – Any certificates formally held by Sira (under the former ATEX Notified Body number 0518) who transferred their certificates to CSA Group Netherlands B.V (Notified Body 2813) under agreement and prior to 31st December 2020 will continue to retain the Sira number format.

CSA Group Netherlands B.V. is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) for the conformity assessment activities as mentioned in the scope of accreditation number C652 (www.rva.nl).

The use of the Sira certification mark will still remain and certificate holders are reminded of their obligations as referenced here:  https://www.csagroupuk.org/terms-conditions/

If you have any questions related to the above, please contact [email protected]

Published On

April 5, 2021