Mcerts Certified Product: Dust Arrestment Plant Monitors


Mcerts Certified Product: Dust Arrestment Plant Monitors

MCERTS standards may not cover all possible stack conditions. Any potential user should ensure, in consultation with the manufacturer that the dust arrestment plant monitor(DAPM) is suitable for the process on which it will be installed. There are three levels that monitors particulates, known as first, second and third. It is important to refer to the details on certificates issued as they may contain specific limitations on use. The certificate holders listed have submitted satisfactory test reports and successfully undergone a product manufacturing audit. Ranges can indicate the suitability of DAPM for a particular application. The register below details all MCERTS certificate holders for dust arrestment plant monitors(DAPM). Within this list details such as instrument model, certified range and the standard to which the instrument is certified to are stated. There is also a link to the MCERTS certificate which can be downloaded in .PDF format. The specifications for these systems, referred to as automated dust arrestment plant monitors(DAPM) are included in Environment Agency guidance at, specifically section 8 ‘MCERTS for dust arrestment plant monitors
Issue 1 updated 15/08/2022
Certificate holderModelCertified rangeStandardCertificate No.

Envea UK Ltd
UK Sales tel. no.: +44 (0)1480 468200

980 Particulate
Measurement System
Model 980 stainless
steel sensor
Model 980 insulated


Agency Guidance
“MCERTS for stack
emissions monitoring
equipment at
installations” – Dust
arrestment plant

Version issued:

Class 2 PM-CEMS