How Do I Get my MCERTS Product Approved?


The 5 Stage Approach to MCERTS Certification

CSA Group has developed a 5 stage approach for manufacturers who wish put their products through MCERTS assessment, including recertification.

Stage 1

Manufacturer Requirements

Manufacturer contacts CSA Group explaining their compliance requirements.

Via phone, email or website enquiry. CSA Group is also happy to offer an initial meeting to explain the process and answer any questions.

The Certification Process


Estimated quotation is sent within 10 days of receiving application.

CSA Group Responsibilities

CSA Group sends application pack and arranges an initial meeting.

The application pack includes:

  • Application form
  • Guidance notes
  • MCERTS standard
  • Details of laboratories that perform testing

Stage 2

Manufacturer Requirements

Manufacturer places a contract with CSA Group for certification.

The certification work that is contracted includes:

  • Establishing a certification committee
  • Agreeing the scope of certification
  • Finalising a test plan
  • On-going project monitoring and liaising between manufacturer and certification committee
  • Reviewing the evidence submitted
  • Production of report and certificate
  • Issue of certificate and posting on CSA Group website

The Certification Process

Certification Committee meeting

Existing evidence is reviewed at this meeting and a test programme is generated in agreement with the Certification Committee. The manufacturer decides where the testing is conducted, but CSA Group should be kept informed to ensure they are acceptable.

Minutes will be taken by CSA Group and circulated within 10 days with a formal quotation.

CSA Group Responsibilities

Certification Committee meeting.

The Certification Committee consists of a Director of CSA Group, an independent expert and generally a representative from the Environment Agency. The Committee members must be acceptable to both CSA Group and the manufacturer, and must not have worked for the manufacturer for at least 2 years.

Stage 3

Manufacturer Requirements

Commission of tests (direct with test house).

Client engages test house to conduct relevant testing and issue of test reports in line with the agreed test programme.

The Certification Process


Testing duration depends on availability of test house.

CSA Group Responsibilities

CSA Group performs MCERTS manufacturing audit.

This is to ensure the manufacturer can consistently produce products to the same standard and the correct controls are in place.

Stage 4

Manufacturer Requirements

Manufacturer collates test data and submits to CSA Group.

The Certification Process

Assessment of test data

Assessment time will be set out in the quotation and will vary depending on the complexity of the certification.

CSA Group Responsibilities

Test data is assessed by Certification Committee.

If the Certification Committee considers the test data satisfactory, certification can take place.

Stage 5

Manufacturer Requirements

Manufacturer now able to sell MCERTS compliant products.

The Certification Process


CSA Group Responsibilities

MCERTS requirements are fulfilled: certificate issued.