CSA Group announces agreement with ATEC to provide personal competency assessments under the IECEx CoPC Scheme

CSA Group partners with ATEC to provide personal competency assessments under the IECEx CoPC Scheme.

For nearly 10 years, ATEC, a provider of inspection and training for potentially explosive atmospheres, has been providing Core Competency Validation Training and Assessments for its clients. The IECEx scheme was developed to raise awareness of working safely in explosive or combustive work environments, and to help workers learn safety precautions.

Currently ATEC is one of only a few Assessment Centres that can support multi-scheme Competence Certification for its customers with the addition of IECEx Certification under the IECEx CoPC Scheme. With this partnership, CSA Group can also offer its customers this certification service through the ATEC assessment centres whilst previously only offering IECEx Assessments.

To provide a pathway between current competence schemes, ATEC provides core competence validation for either single certification under their existing schemes, or dual competence certification through the addition of IECEx CoPC.
The target audience for this assessment is electrical installation and inspection personnel, in particular in any environment where combustion is a concern, for example petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas and food production refineries that process cocoa, sugar, wheat and flour.

Learning techniques employed in this classroom or online training are through lab exercises and practical assessments of preparation, installation, inspection and maintenance of Intrinsic Safety (IS) and Non-Intrinsic Safety (IS) equipment, performed by independently registered assessors. Theory/practical competence assessments are independent exams set by the relevant Competence Certification/Exam Bodies; and certification will be issued upon successful benchmarks upon completion. Certification is valid for five years.

This partnership allows operations and technical staff to undergo the most current and up-to-date Competence Assessments. It is also time and cost-effective, since attendees do not have to take two separate training/assessment sessions to gain certification.

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Published On

June 11, 2019