Access to Brazilian and Russian ‘Ex’ Market via CSA-Sira

Manufacturers of ‘Ex’ equipment can now use CSA-Sira to facilitate the often complex process of achieving Brazilian and Russian approvals for their products.

Facilitation for Russian and Brazilian ‘Ex’ markets is the first step in a wider ‘Global Market Access’ offering that CSA-Sira intends to roll out during 2013.

The rules, procedures and processes for these markets can be complex and the CSA-Sira service enables manufacturers of ‘Ex’ equipment to utilise the resources of CSA-Sira to achieve approvals.

“We work with Certification Bodies and associated agencies in Brazil and Russia on our client’s behalf,” commented Dana Parmenter, Managing Director of CSA-Sira. “We are very much aware of the needs of our clients, many of which require several marks and approvals for their products to aid international export. At the same time, it can be very costly in terms of time and resource for manufacturers having to duplicate efforts with many different Certification Bodies. A good number of our clients have commented that they would prefer to use one Notified Body to achieve several marks and approvals, and now that is exactly what we are offering with facilitation of Brazilian and Russian approvals in addition to the ATEX, IECEx and CSA approvals currently offered by CSA-Sira.”

The CSA-Sira service is designed to ensure that a manufacturer needs only to provide minimum input in terms of time and resource. Staff at CSA-Sira liaise with Certification Bodies and agencies in Russia and Brazil on the client’s behalf, using manufacturers’ existing Sira ATEX & IECEx certificates and reports as a basis of approval.

“In most cases we can facilitate approvals without the need for re-testing or audit,” says Parmenter. “Take GOST-R Ex approvals for Russia for instance, where we have a process to get our clients that mark without the need for an additional site visit. This saves our clients time and money.”

This close relationship with International Certification Bodies and agencies can also assist CSA-Sira clients in terms of changes to regulations. Commenting again on the Russian approval route, Parmenter states, “We are aware that changes are afoot with regards to the way ‘Ex’ approvals will be regulated. This may well mean changes to the certification process for products exported to Russia. Our close ties with authorities in Russia will allow us to inform and assist our clients with any changes that may affect them, as well as working on their behalf to gain Russian approvals.”

A Global Market Access service is another step in the expansion of CSA’s “HazLoc” services, following expansion of lab facilities at the CSA-Sira HQ, Chester, UK, and growth of its certification team over recent months.

“This is very exciting news for CSA-Sira and our clients. We are listening to our client’s feedback and designing and delivering services that enable our clients to achieve the certifications they require, in the timeliest way possible.”

If you are a manufacturer of ‘Ex’ equipment looking to export to Russia and/or Brazil, please contact CSA-Sira for more information:

Tel: +44 (0) 1244 670 900
Email: [email protected]
: www.siraconsulting.com

Published On

January 8, 2013