CSA Group’s Recognized Training Provider Program targets professional training organizations like yours to provide access to CSA Group-developed training curriculum and materials in an increasing array of subject areas. The program identifies minimum qualifications and competency requirements for training professionals, as well as minimum quality standards for course curriculum, training methodology and related support materials. On meeting these rigorous, industry-based criteria, your training organization will be awarded a Certificate of Completion, and will be granted access to our proven course curriculum, developed by the members and technical subject area experts who have contributed to developing our standards and guidelines.

In addition you’ll receive authorized access to the CSA Group-developed course curriculum for your program area, including the Student Handbook. Published by the CSA Group Learning Institute, the Student Handbooks assist students in applying key principles of the standard and will be a go-to resource long after course completion.

Why Become a CSA Group Recognized Training Provider?

When it comes to understanding the changes and updates to codes and standards, students face a number of options, including Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), private training organizations, online resources and colleagues. Despite best efforts, there can be differences in interpretations. Our RTP program provides training organizations like yours a proven, standardized curriculum that helps ensure that the CE Code training experience is more consistent across jurisdictions. It also extends the reach of our course curriculum into markets not currently directly served by CSA Group.

Program Benefits

  • Recognition and visibility as a CSA Group authorized training provider on our corporate web site Grants authorized use of approved course curriculum and materials
  • Helps cut costs and save time so you can focus more on delivering the course and growing your business
  • Promotes your organization as part of a “national network of recognized training providers” in CSA Group marketing efforts
  • Enhances your reputation and credibility with your industry and your clients
  • Awards “Certification of Completion” for each of your instructors in the program

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CE Code Update Training
When it comes to understanding the various changes and updates in each new edition of the Canadian Electrical Code, training options available to electrical industry professionals can range from brief overview sessions to in-depth analysis of rationale. Curriculum quality and instructor experience can also vary widely. CSA Group’s CE Code Update Training program can provide your training organization with a standardized curriculum developed by industry experts, in order to give your clients a clear, consistent understanding of the CE Code, key changes and applicable rationale.

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Recognized Trainer Providers

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 2085