CSA Group has over 40 years of experience in developing standards that address a wide range of energy generation and delivery methods, including the safe operation of CANDU nuclear power plants, as well as the design criteria related to both overhead and underground systems for distribution and transmission of energy.

Nuclear Standards

Our nuclear program responds to industry needs for a reliable process to develop key standards and promote the safe and reliable operation of nuclear energy in Canada. We develop and maintain over 55 nuclear-related standards and guidelines with the efforts of more than 550 expert volunteers who serve on over 50 committees. Many of our consensus-based standards are referenced in licenses and compliance handbooks for nuclear facilities across Canada. Standards in the portfolio cover a variety of subject areas such as emergency & environmental management, reactor safety, risk management, decommissioning, seismic design and more. These Standards help promote the consistency of best practices and better interpretation of requirements while employing a transparent process to meet current and emerging needs. These standards are of such a robust quality that they’ve been used as the basis for standards used in other industries. In the 1970’s, CSA Group developed the CSA Z299 series of quality management standards for the nuclear industry which served as a pre-curser seed document leading to ISO 9001, one of the most-widely used standards in the world. The new suite of CSA N299 nuclear standards has revived the quality assurance requirements originally referenced in Z299 and provides the nuclear industry with the opportunity to update their requirements to reflect current practices.

Energy Transmission, Distribution & Supply

We have over 75 years of experience in developing standards that address generation, transmission, distribution and delivery of energy from the generation source to the final user and contribute to a safe and reliable electrical supply. We’ve developed standards for the installation coordination between pipelines and electric supply lines & overhead transmission lines. We also provide guidance on how to maintain these structures. More recently new projects have been launched that provide guidance on how to adapt this infrastructure to climate change.

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