What is a Standard?

A standard is a document that sets established benchmarks for businesses to use in developing products and processes. A standard will typically address issues such as quality, safety, sustainability, and consistency in how products and services interact with each other. In daily life, standards are often invisible; but at home, at work, and in the community, standards shape practically every product or service we encounter. By adopting and implementing standards, businesses can innovate and get to market faster while helping keep consumers safer.

Benefits of Standards

Better Products and Services
Standards provide a framework for developing and deploying advanced technologies and best practices. Without standards, inconsistencies in the way products interact, or how processes are carried out, would create safety risks and practical challenges. Standards enable companies of all sizes to provide products and services that:

  • Drive business innovation,
  • Enhance trade, and
  • Positively impact consumer safety.

Collaboration and Harmonization
CSA Group’s Standards are built on consensus: behind every standard is a wealth of expert technical insight, agreed-upon best practices and hard-won collaboration. Standards also help facilitate international trade. With commonly-recognized benchmarks, standards help businesses open doors around the world, making it easier for products made in one country to be sold in another. Working alongside regulators, industry leaders, standards partners, academia and consumers, CSA Group facilitates the creation and harmonization of standards that drive business innovation, enhance trade, and positively impact consumer safety on a local and global scale.

Standards and CSA Group

CSA Group’s history in standards stretches back nearly a century, when standards for railway bridges and the Canadian Electrical Safety System were developed. Since then, our work has expanded over 50 technology areas, and helped shape the development of standards worldwide. As we look to the future, standards will continue to play a tremendous role in protecting the public, and an even greater role in creating leading-edge solutions.