The United Nations, through its Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), provides a global standard for vehicles and their components, with respect to safety, environmental protection, and other priority issues. Manufacturers and dealers within the EU and UN member nations whose products conform to UNECE regulations will achieve a comparable level of acceptance for both vehicles and their components from one region to another.

The UNECE Regulation No. 10 defines standard EMC requirements for the approval of automotive vehicles. It establishes, among other qualitative assessments, the parameters for both the degree to which a type of vehicle can emit electromagnetic radiation and the degree to which it must be immune to electromagnetic radiation from other sources.

The UNECE R10.06 series of amendments introduce a range of modifications and updates. Download this guide to learn about some of the key changes to this updated version of Regulation No. 10, including:

  1.  Changes that affect the categories of vehicles that are covered by the regulation
  2. Changes that affect the testing of equipment
  3. Changes that affect the test result requirements
  4. Changes that clarify or correct an issue in the existing UNECE R10.05