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Webinar: Getting AHJs to Accept Your Industrial Control Panel

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Industrial control panels (ICP) are integral to almost every industrial and commercial system available – but they pose significant risks if they are not properly designed, manufactured, and installed. As new technologies such as fiber optics are incorporated into ICPs, manufacturers have additional cybersecurity and functional safety risks to mitigate – all on top of a complex web of compliance requirements for international markets. Knowing how to navigate all of these requirements is critical to a successful product launch. Your customers are depending on you to deliver a compliant product that their AHJs will accept.

Join CSA Group’s Technical Account Manager, Mitch Rushing, for a free webinar as we help you understand the applicable standards and ICP product evaluation solutions for ordinary and hazardous locations that help protect safety and security across your product development, commercialization, production, and in-service lifecycle.

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • Choosing the best ICP evaluation option for your business
  • Safety standards and codes in North America
  • CSA Group component acceptance
  • CE support for Europe

View On Demand Session

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