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A Simple Guide to Product Certification

How to navigate the certification landscape in international markets

The right certification mark on your product can open doors to markets in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. The key to successful certification is working with a knowledgeable third-party certification agency from the beginning of your product lifecycle.


Concept, Research and Development

When you have an idea for a product, the next thing to consider is how to access international markets, but this can be challenging because certification requirements can vary globally. Your product may require specific marks, report certificates, and certifications depending on the regions and countries you want to sell your product in.

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Prepare for Certification

You’ll need to assemble the key documents needed in order to certify your product, including:

  • A product fact sheet
  • Sample product labels and other markings
  • Instruction manuals
  • Technical documentation such as drawings, layouts, component information, and schematics
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Request a Quote

Send your documents to a certification provider to request a quote. Your quote should outline the scope of the certification, including the countries and jurisdictions for which you would like certification, as well as any needed testing, inspection, or other project details.

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The Evaluation Process - Testing and Inspection

Your certification provider will use a combination of testing and inspection techniques to evaluate your product against the applicable standards. Depending on your compliance requirements, the methodology may include lab testing, witness testing, or physical inspection. In many cases, an inspection of your factory production process will be required.

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When your product has been found to meet the requirements for certification, you will be issued a formal report, certificate of compliance, or other certification-related document, as well as authorization to apply any applicable certification marks on your certified products.

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