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Unauthorized, Imitation CE Code, Part I, Raises Safety Concerns

An unauthorized imitation of CSA Group’s Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, 2018 Edition (CE Code, Part I) is being distributed and circulated under the title “Knight’s Canadian Electrical Code, Part One”. This document should not be considered an acceptable substitute for the actual CE Code, Part I.

A detailed review of this unauthorized version uncovered more than 180 differences between it and the CE Code, Part I.

We have concerns that these differences raise urgent safety issues to electrical professionals, the public at large and property owners, if this document is used in place of the genuine CSA-published CE Code, Part I.

We believe it’s important that the public is aware of these concerns and the safety risks associated with using a lesser-quality imitation of this safety critical document.

The CE Code, Part I is developed by a committee of expert volunteers using a Canadian government-accredited, consensus-based process, and is incorporated by reference in legislation in every province and territory in Canada.

We have taken legal action against the party responsible for the production and distribution of “Knight’s Canadian Electrical Code, Part One”, and we will continue to defend and support the CE Code, Part I and its critical role in promoting safety in electrical installations across Canada.

The CSA-published Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, 2018 Edition can be viewed for free, or purchased, by logging in here.

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