Multi-laboratory Study of Proposed new Test for Determination of Sulphide Sulphur Content of Concrete Aggregates

The deterioration of concrete in houses and other buildings in Québec due to reaction of iron sulphides (the mineral pyrrhotite) in the concrete aggregate is a significant and well-documented issue. The CSA Technical Committee on Concrete Materials and Construction (CSA A23.1/A23.2) is developing new provisions and information on this issue to be included in the next edition of CSA A23.1/A23.2 in 2019, including a test method intended to measure the sulphide sulphur content of aggregates.

The objective of the research project was to conduct a multi-laboratory study of the proposed test method in order to develop a precision statement and to determine if the test is sufficiently precise to be implemented in the next edition of CSA A23.1/A23.2.