Thanks to advances in mobile internet technology, many of us have taken advantage of the sharing economy

Thanks to advances in mobile internet technology, many of us have taken advantage of the sharing economy. Readily available and with prices that are sometimes more affordable than traditional alternatives, sharing services are expected to experience continued growth. However, the inconsistency in the sharing experience and the lack of a comprehensive and flexible regulatory framework for this dynamic sector raises some major concerns.

Recognizing the unique role that standards could potentially play in addressing these major concerns, CSA Group published two reports to:

  • Identify the major challenges in the sharing economy and explore the value of a standards-based solution
  • Consolidate challenges, opportunities and existing best practices from around the world.

The Rise of the Sharing Economy

Maximizing the Gains from Sharing – An Analysis of National and International Best Practices

We know that standards provide a set of best practices that can be used consistently across jurisdictions while offering enough flexibility to adapt those best practices to meet local needs

says Hélène Vaillancourt, CSA Group’s Vice President of Standards Research and Planning.

Findings from the second report were used to develop an implementation guideline and checklist that cities could use to verify if best practices were being followed.

This case study presents the results of a pilot project conducted to verify the adaptability and applicability of the implementation tool with the cities of Amsterdam, NL; Guelph, CA; Toronto, CA; and Tokyo, JP. The guiding principles and best practices were reviewed and compared to each of the city’s regulations, policies, and guidelines to help identify gaps and obtain feedback on CSA Group’s research initiative and implementation tool.

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