It has been difficult to watch as deadly hurricanes have battered the southeastern United States in recent weeks. While events continue to unfold in Florida and adjacent states, Texas begins the task of rebuilding.

As an organization with operations in Texas, CSA Group understands firsthand the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and the ongoing support that will be required now that the task of rebuilding is at hand.  We are grateful that our employees are safe and we are committed to helping them and others in the long-term recovery efforts that are required.  To that end, we’re proud to have donated to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which was set up by the Mayor of Houston in support of immediate and long term relief efforts in the area.  We have also reached out directly to our clients in the state to offer immediate assistance as required.

As we work to support recovery in Texas, we will look for ways to support similar efforts in Florida and beyond.  Our thoughts are with all those affected by these disasters.