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Exploring Your Options for Industrial Control Panel Safety Evaluation in North America

Industrial control panels (ICPs) can pose a threat to not only operators, workers, and people in surrounding communities, but to the controlled machinery and equipment, facilities, and external infrastructure or the environment.  With the risks involved, ICP safety must be at the forefront of design, manufacturing, and installation of panels for manufacturers looking to get their products to market without interruptions. Knowing which standards and codes your products must adhere to, and verifying that all applicable safety requirements have been met can ensure Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) approval and minimize the risk of red-tagged equipment and potentially costly business delays.

In this whitepaper we discuss:

  • Safety Standards and Codes
  • Requirements for Ordinary and Hazardous Locations
  • Safety Requirements for North America and Europe
  • Understanding Your Product Evaluation Options
  • Cybersecurity Assurance Implications for Panel Safety

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