In today’s increasingly global marketplace, the opportunities for manufacturers to sell their products internationally are boundless and standards, testing, and certification play an ever-increasing role in helping safe and reliable products reach their intended markets. But with technical, social, and economic developments constantly influencing global markets, keeping pace with the mass amount of necessary knowledge can mean the difference in competing or not. Education and professional development are key, and with internet technology making it possible to get connected with people regardless of geography, standards, testing, and certification providers have no reason to not bring important knowledge and updates to their stakeholders.

Web based seminars – or webinars – provide a convenient and effective means to deliver, and CSA Group is on board with providing this interactive experience across a variety of topics relevant to manufacturers around the world

Why Webinars

Webinars are one way of delivering industry information and offering professional development.

In the manufacturing industry, the continued participation in professional development has positive implications on safety, particularly in the case of high risk areas such as work in hazardous locations (HazLoc). Participation in professional development can help improve safety and the protection of the environment, property, and the economy. This is a boost to the business bottom line.

Webinars, in essence, make the manufacturing world a little smaller. They enable participants to access relevant content anywhere at any time, which helps accommodate busy schedules.  They are also incredibly cost effective. In addition, interactivity is not compromised by the absence of face-to-face communication, since webinars allow for questions, comments, and even post-event chats. All attendees are equally able to contribute in a virtual class.

CSA Group’s Webinar Presence Continues to Grow

CSA Group recognized the importance of education, up-to-date information, and stakeholder engagement. As such, we have planned and executed webinars across a variety of important topics – from cybersecurity to medical device product testing to the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code.

Stephen Goyer, CSA Group’s Marketing Manager for Standards, is a strong supporter of webinars as a means to bring stakeholders with specific industry interests together. “Webinars can be very powerful tool in engaging audiences on a specific topic of importance or value to them. They help foster two-way conversations where audiences can interact with your content in real-time. This in turn, provides valuable insight into target markets”.

CSA Group webinars are recorded, so that they can be accessed even after the live event is complete. “Recordings of our webinars means that content can shared with stakeholders to further grow your audiences”, continues Goyer, “I think audiences appreciate the opportunity to engage with a brand in a way that isn’t a transaction. When done right, I think a good webinar serves as an exchange of ideas that builds trust”.

While technologies and global business trends will continue to evolve, one thing that will always remain constant is the need to keep pace with the latest industry developments in a way that doesn’t come with excessive cost.

Past Successes and Upcoming Dates

In the past year, CSA Group has brought together stakeholders from a variety of industries through insightful webinar presentations. Recordings of some of our most popular webinars are available and include Medical Device Market Access and Transportation Testing – The Rationale and Requirements in UN 38.3.

CSA Group’s next webinar event is on June 27thBreaking down Cybersecurity and Functional Safety Requirements for Industrial Control Systems.